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Blog Our Singapore data center, Powered by Equinix.


Did you know we have a data center in Singapore, to power our virtual server hosting product, ColossusCloud.

Singapore is a great country, advanced and modern. It is the Internet center of the entire South East Asia region. Basically, most Internet traffic in the region goes through Singapore, and from there, Internet traffic gets exchanged to other networks and countries.

It is also a country with a wide open business environment, providing the ability for cloud provider companies, such as us, to open business there. Being also a country with a very modern infrastructure, it allows for the largest and most advanced data centers to operate efficiently in this region of the world.

It is also cost effective to operate in Singapore.

Most of the time, large companies in the area in need of cloud computing  or data storage, will host their servers in Singapore. It is preferred  over doing the same in Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia,  Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, or Thailand, the surrounding countries  of Singapore, as they don't have the proper infrastructure.

However, all these countries in the area account for a population of  almost 600 million; heavy users of mobile data and apps, even though it  is hard for the people of some of these countries to afford expensive  smart phones.

Our Singapore region is hosted within Equinix , the world's most reliable data center colocation provider.

Want to take a look? Check our photos of Singapore at our Instagram page!

If you have clients in this area of the world, we strongly suggest you  deploy a virtual server in Singapore, in order to provide the fastest  access to your services. Specially if you host websites for clients,  using a cPanel based VPS and they live in any of the countries mentioned above.

Deploy today your Linux or Windows VPS with ColossusCloud's Singapore region and provide better performance to Asia than any VPS you could have in the US.

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