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We are pleased to announce new improvements on your cPanel services, including a faster, and fully automated cPanel installer. To learn more, visit our cPanel VPS page for more information.

cPanel is the web's premiere server management application, specifically designed for web hosters. If you host a few websites for your clients, or hundreds as a web hosting firm or web design agency, having your own virtual server with cPanel is essential.

With cPanel, you can give your users a web based log in to WHM, The Webhost Manager, which allows your clients to log in and be self sufficient. They can configure settings for their web hosting account, specify PHP versions, do optimizations, create email accounts, and many more actions.

The advantage is that cPanel is so widely used, that your clients probably already know how to use it!

And when you use ColossusCloud to deploy a cPanel server, it becomes so much easier. Log in to ColossusCloud's Client Portal version 5, simply choose one of our virtual server sizes, then click on "Install cPanel", and soon, your new cPanel based virtual server will be ready.

You can easily access your cPanel interface by clicking on "Manage Virtual Servers" on the top left, and you will see links to your cPanel right in there.

Be aware it may take a while for cPanel to fully install. Its installer takes a long time! During deployment, your virtual server will show a status of "Installing cPanel" within ColossusCloud's Client Portal. Just wait some time and once the status changes to "Running", your cPanel will be ready. To log in to cPanel, just use the username "root" followed by the same password you specified during the deployment process of your virtual server.

For security, we strongly recommend you change the password, so that your cPanel, and your server's root password, are not the same.

Another great advantage of using cPanel is the available support. Our entire team is well trained in cPanel, and they can all easily work with you on any requests you make.

Need to transfer cPanel from another host to your virtual server with us? We can help also! Just contact our sales team and they will gladly help you.

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