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You probably noticed that we recently made Ubuntu 18.04 LTS available on  our ColossusCloud platform, ready for you to deploy right away on a  Linux virtual server.

However, you should also know that older distros (Linux term for  "distributions") of Ubuntu LTS are still also available in our platform,  such as version 14.04 and 16.04.

Why LTS? LTS  stands for Long Term Support, which means the particular version of  Ubuntu you deploy will be supported by the Ubuntu team for a long, long  time.

If you visit https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle, you can see Ubuntu's release and EOL (End of Life) calendar for each version of Ubuntu.

When  using Linux, we strongly recommend to always choose a distribution that  is supported for a long time, such as Ubuntu LTS or CentOS.

Why? Because once patches are no longer provided, your server will be  exposed to any number of future hacks or security vulnerabilities, which  will force you to migrate to a server with a newer operating system.  Since migrations can be so time consuming, it is better to do those  every, say, five years versus Linux distributions that only provide  support for one year or so.

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